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Judge rules California town can't challenge Trump's order on sanctuary citiesTrump outlines Afghanistan plan of no-deadline approach to ending Afghanistan warDefense Secretary Jim Mattis: No decision yet on how many more US troops to send to AfghanistanFusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson interviews with Senate Judiciary Committee about Trump 'dossier'r   Most Read Picks: Ten U.S. sailors missing after USS John McCain collides with oil tanker off Singapore coastWatch: Trump supporter wearing Israeli flag told to 'get the f--k out' of Boston by hecklersJefferson Memorial exhibit update will acknowledge slavery recordWhite House petition asks Trump to formally recognize Antifa as terrorist organization   Washington Secrets: Attorney General Jeff Sessions: Sanctuary Chicago, 'trafficker, smuggler, predator's best friend'U.S. Commission on Civil Rights refuses to condemn 'club-wielding Antifa'U.S. debt tops GDP, $19.8 trillion vs. $19.2 trillion   Commentary: Parents flood school board meeting after teacher reads kindergarten class books on transgenderismIf you hate Trump, why would you want his sanest advisers to resign?At Google and in academia, liberal pieties clash Washington Examiner

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U.S. 'wants more British troops in Afghanistan' as Trump announces Washington strategy - UK reportedly offered to send 85 more troops by November, increasing total to 585North Korea reportedly sent shipments to Syrian regime's chemical weapons agencyBarcelona terror attack: Van driver Yunes Abouyaaqoub shot dead by Catalan policeFather of Barcelona terror suspect says: 'My sons were good boys'Barcelona terrorists planned to pack vans with gas cylinders and 'Mother of Satan' explosiveFrom Charlie Hebdo to Las Ramblas - Europe's history of major terror attacks since 2015Missing Kent boy Julian Cadman, 7, confirmed dead after Barcelona terror attack - 13 people were killed and scores injured when a van ploughed through pedestrians on Las Ramblas'The front line is at risk': Leaked Londone city's mayor Sadiq Khan email says Tory cuts will slash 4,000 police jobsJohnson & Johnson ordered to pay Eva Echeverria $417m over ovarian cancer talc caseU.S. Defense Secretary James Mattis lands in Baghdad for a surprise visit amid Tal Afar offensiveU.S. Navy orders 'operational pause' of global fleet following USS John McCain collisionPaedophile raped and impregnated 10-year-old, sentenced to 40 yearsMurderous gang of grave-robbing cannibal rapists 'tired of eating human flesh'Deep inside Uranus, it's raining million-carat diamonds International Business Times

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Iran warns it can make weapons-grade material in days if nuke deal scotchedSurviving Spain terror suspects face charges in Madrid courtAlleged Barcelona killer was ‘a normal factory worker’In surprise Iraq swing, U.S. military chief says IS caught in viseSoldiers, settlers clash during removal of illegal homes in YitzharArmy opens new medical center to treat masses of troops flocking southIsraeli general mocks Abbas for sending medical aid to VenezuelaPalestinian leader says White House peace efforts ‘in chaos’Gazan children get first glimpse of Jerusalem in UN-run tourPalestinians flock to Bethlehem Shepherds fest to celebrate newest brewerySpanish town struggles to reconcile locals as jihadist cell Times of Isreal

Top News Stories - Photos (Watch Dog On-Line Publications) Corruption Chronicles: Weekly Update: New Comey FBI LawsuitHUD Director Goes on $336,000 Shopping Spree with Low-Income Housing Funds Judicial Watch Sues for Anti-Israel ‘BDS’ Lobbying RecordsOn Watch: El Paso, Benghazi, & PhoenixJudicial Watch: Contempt Hearing Monday, August 21, Seeking Information about Laquan McDonald Shooting from Chicago Mayor Rahm EmandMedia Ignores Fed Lawsuit by Democrats Accusing DNC, Wasserman Schultz of FraudU.S. Pays $50 Mil for Luxury Cars, Weapons, Booze to Mentor Afghan Intel Officers Judicial Watch

MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell Eagerly Hopes for Leaks on Afghanistan Troop Deployments ABC, NBC Dump Cold Water on Trump’s Afghanistan Plan Due to Bad Polls, CharlottesvilleNetworks Punt on Bombing Plot Against Confederate Monument in HoustonAfter Aiding Antifa, MSNBC Questions the ‘Pitfalls of Free Speech’ MSNBC's Chris Matthews Is ‘Already Worried About’ Trump's Afghanistan StrategyNBS'c Chuck Todd Gives Antifa Violence a Platform TWICEMSNBC's Johnson Sees Trump 'Terrorist State,' Cheers Abuse of Pro-Trumpers‘Fox & Friends’ Panel Explodes Over Missouri Lefty Who Pushed Trump's Assassination News Busters

What’s wrong with the news media?Federal Government, HHS, DOJ: Gaming the Freedom of Info SystemAttkisson v. DOJ: The Computer Intrusion Lawsuit against the Federal Govt.The Immaculate Corruption: Bankers Gone BadGhost Soldiers: You’re Paying Their SalariesComey’s Testimony: A Limited DissectionFast and Furious Redux Sharyl Attkisson

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Divers find bodies during search for ten missing sailors aboard the flooded compartments of USS John S. McCain Were they hacked? U.S. Navy to investigate whether BOTH warships that crashed into much larger merchant vessels with deadly results were the victims of a cyber attackOfficials call off search for five missing crew members whose Black Hawk helicopter crashed during a nighttime training off the coast of HawaiiTrump will see border patrol tools up close and meet Marines in Arizona on his way to raucous rally at Phoenix convention center that seats 29,000Democrat aiming to become Georgia's first black female governor wants to DEMOLISH Stone Mountain as row rages over Confederate monuments across the SouthWhite House petition demanding 'Antifa' groups be branded TERRORISTS gets enough signatures to warrant an official responseFounding father Thomas Jefferson's DC memorial will get facelift with new emphasis on his slave-holding as national debate rages about yanking down Confederate Civil War statuesNew York's forgotten Fallout Shelters: Thousands of faded signs mark Cold War spaces once stocked with 'survival crackers and medicine' for 11.7m people so - as nuke fears rise again - what became of them? Daily Mail

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Donald Trump will own the Afghan war in victory, his generals will in defeatIndia's top court blocks controversial Muslim 'triple talaq' divorce lawU.S.-South Korea military drills - an unnecessary provocation?And the winner is: AssadNorth Korea 'ramps up manufacture of illegal drugs' amid sanctionsEarthquake hits Italian island of Ischia, causing death and destructionChina rights advocate Jiang pleads guilty to 'subversion'Woman's torso found in search for missing Swedish journalist Kim WallInterpol: Who polices the world's police?U.S. Navy vessel collides with ship off SingaporeMigrants in Rome evicted from office block as UN voices concernU.S. launches China trade secret probe Deutsche Welle

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Trump’s change of heart: Afghanistan strategy marks dramatic switch for U.S. president ‘Road to more death & destruction’: Nothing new in Trump’s Afghanistan strategy - analystsRaqqa civilians caught in ‘horrific crossfire’ as US-led coalition squeezes ISIS1,000s of Muslims march against terrorism in Barcelona after van attack (PHOTOS)Russia pays off balance of Soviet Union's foreign debt No troop pullout, threats to Pakistan in Trump speech on new Afghanistan strategy (VIDEO)ISIS terrorists pulling strongest units to Deir ez-Zor for last stand - Russian MoDCrossTalk flagship programOp-Edge: ‘In today’s world if you aren’t far left, you’re seen as Nazi’‘Antifa, mass media & Clinton supporters attempting to provoke political crisis in America' RT Russia Today

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CChina sanctions will cost North Korea US$1.5 billion, but won’t curb Kim’s nuclear ambitionsHundreds of Cathay Pacific, Cathay Dragon flights cancelled as Typhoon Hato nears Hong KongIndia's top court bans Islamic ‘triple talaq’ instant divorceChinese rights activist pleads guilty to inciting subversionHong Kong property prices to fall as Beijing tightens capital controlsSecond academic journal says China tried to block articlesMarxism meets ozone science in awkward Chinese academic paperOpinion: Trust in our legal system is essential South China Morning Post

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Supernova’s messy birth casts doubt on reliability of astronomical yardstickChina’s embrace of embryo selection raises thorny questions - Fertility centres are making a massive push to increase preimplantation genetic diagnosis in a bid to eradicate certain diseasesRevitalize the world’s countrysideChina launches brain-imaging factoryOpioid emergency, climate language and a frozen fruit cakeEcologists protest Australia’s plans to cut funding for environment-monitoring network Nature