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The Democrats' 2018 attack plan: Go get Trump and CongressDefeating ISIS: The U.S. is 'very near the goal line'How to survive a nuclear bomb in DC (yes, really)Paul Ryan: 'It would be naive' to think there is no Harvey Weinstein-esque person in CongressColin Kaepernick files collusion charge against NFL for his role in national anthem player protests   Most Read Picks: Congress warned North Korean EMP attack would kill '90% of all Americans'Top Pentagon posts are 70 percent vacant as confirmations continue to lagUnemployment claims fall to lowest level in 43 years, despite hurricanes Fox and ESPN won't air national anthem live during this weekend's NFL games Watchdog: FBI has located 30 pages of documents related to Clinton-Lynch tarmac meeting   Washington Secrets: Federal Election Commission (FEC) eyes regulating apps, iPhones, Kindle, wearable technology Expert: Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) amnesty to increase illegal population to 14 million, cost billions   Commentary: California's 'sanctuary state' policy exposes disconnect between Democrat elites and ordinary CaliforniansOut-of-touch kneeling NFL players are starting to ruin emotional attachment to football Constitution trumps ObamacareJimmy Kimmel “late-night comedy show”: 'Not good riddance, but riddance' Washington Examiner

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Storm Ophelia set to batter UK and Ireland with 'potentially deadly' windsIsrael jets under fire from Syria retaliate with bombing raid near DamascusKurds claim Iraqi soldiers 'burnt lots of houses and killed many people' in assault on KirkukTillerson to North Korea: Diplomatic efforts will continue until the first bomb dropsCCTV video captures murder of Egyptian Coptic priest amid ongoing Isis persecution'We were saying goodbye to each other': AirAsia passengers recall terror of plane plunging 20,000ftWas Sally Jones's 12-year-old son a legitimate target? U.S. drone strike on Isis 'white widow' questionedColin Kaepernick files grievance against NFL owners alleging collusionTexas Justice Department employee 'stole $1.25m worth of fajitas'National Dictionary Day: Do you know the meaning of these multifarious words?Mississippi school bans To Kill A Mockingbird because it 'makes people uncomfortable'Elon Musk just did a Reddit AMA about his plans to colonise Mars: Here are the highlightsTitan and Enceladus: Saturn's moons are two of the most likely locations for extraterrestrial lifeSaudi Arabia bans citizens from wearing pyjamas at sporting eventsThe names of 'Allah' and 'Ali' are found on 1000-year-old Viking burial clothes in Sweden International Business Times

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Massive section of Western Wall and Roman theater uncovered after 1,700 yearsIsrael destroys anti-aircraft battery in Syria after it fires at IDF jetsIsrael launches new plan to ‘defend Jerusalem’ in international arenaBucking Trump, EU ministers to voice ‘full support’ for Iran nuke dealNikki Haley: U.S. to ‘stay’ in Iran nuke deal, aim to ‘make it better’Saudi king hails Trump’s ‘visionary’ new Iran strategy, White House saysDefense minister Avigdor Liberman: Trump’s Iran speech brave, Europe ‘burying head in sand’ like pre-WWIINetanyahu praises Trump for ‘bold decision’ on Iran deal Immunity bill for prime minister to face key voteTwo IDF officers, 10 civilians suspected of defrauding army of ‘huge sums’Kurds report casualties in Iraqi army assault on KirkukCatalan leader’s letter leaves Spain in dark over independence intentionsIsrael suspends plan to set up database of Jewish students in U.S.In Nazi-occupied Britain, graves at Alderney’s ‘Little Auschwitz’ may be defiled Times of Isreal

Top News Stories - Photos (Watch Dog On-Line Publications) Corruption Chronicles: Weekly Update: JW Forces FBI to Admit to New Clinton-Lynch Tarmac DocsFBI Finds 30 Pages of Clinton-Lynch Tarmac Meeting Documents – Wants Six Weeks to Turn Over DocsNew Homeland Security Documents Reveal Sanctuary Cities Denied 284 ICE Detainers in Three Months, Released IllegalState Depaertmet Claims it Has No Records of its Travel Loans to Refugees Who Need Plane FareBorder Patrol Fails to Secure Containers with Seized Drugs, Weapons, ExplosivesCourt Overrules Trump Administration Objections & Will Review State Department Clinton-Petraeus EmailsVideo Review: A Discussion on the Wasserman Schultz/Awan Brothers IT Scandal with Key Congressional House Members Judicial Watch

New York Times in Denial on Liberal Bias: We Play ‘Straight Down the Middle'CNN Wrongly Claims White Police Officer Killed Philando CastilePBS Liberal on Trump: 'Any Jackass Can Kick Down a Barn'Marsha Blackburn, Rose McGowan, the Power of Twitter and the MediaHollywood Moralists Exposed as HypocritesSix Brutal Lessons From the Harvey Weinstein Scandal Washington Post: Yeah, Weinstein Was a Monster, But Such Great Movies!MSNBC's Reid Frets Over MRC 'Don't Believe the Liberal Media' StickersAssociated Press Lingo Police: Use 'Gender Confirmation' Surgery for TransgendersAlt-Left Insanity: Gender Fluidity and ‘Oppressive Shadow of Marriage'Media Dishonestly Slam 'Big Soda' for Chicago Soda Tax Repeal NBC, MSNBC Cue Critics: Trump 'Just Racist,' Tweeting 'Hate' New York Times Mocks Civil Disobedience, at Least Among Gay Marriage OpponentsESPN Liberal Admits NFL Protesters Lost the Language BattleNBC: ‘Hawkish’ Trump Rejects Nuclear Deal, Nets Side With ‘Moderate’ Iran'CNN: Amanpour Is Upset Trump Could Withdraw U.S. from Iran Deal News Busters

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Bowe Bergdahl says he's offended people think he's a traitor in first TV interview since he was released by the Taliban - as he's set to plead guilty to desertion'He's a tool of Russian intelligence': Hillary Clinton accuses WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange of colluding with Russia during the U.S. electionPresident Trump has his head crushed under a North Korean soldier's boot and is also portrayed as a decapitated dog in propaganda posters discovered across SeoulAn EMP attack from North Korea could shut down the U.S. power grid and kill '90% of all Americans' within a year, experts warnRocket carrying a 'spy satellite' blasts off from Florida as U.S. launches its second top-secret mission in three weeksTrump-loving duo Diamond and Silk hilariously respond to Eminem's freestyle smackdown of the PresidentREVEALED: Tech giant Twitter DELETED massive number of accounts and tweets linked to Russia in move sure to cause fury in CongressHow Hitler, Mussolini, Lenin and Chairman Mao used photo editing to aid their propaganda: Before-and-after images reveal how they carefully managed their image Daily Mail

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Iraqi troops advance on Kurdish-controlled oil fields in KirkukAustrian elections: Sebastian Kurz “far-right” Freedom Party becomes youngest leaderMake Austria Great Again — the rapid rise of Sebastian Kurz'Putin's friends' in Austria's right-wing FPÖ achieve strong election resultAngela Merkel's conservatives in Lower Saxony can't top Social Democrats in state electionSpain issues new Catalonia deadline, saying response wasn't 'credible'Holocaust denier Ursula Haverbeck, 88, on trial again for denying Nazi atrocitiesIsraeli warplanes strike Syrian anti-aircraft battery after coming under 'fire'Doing business with Iran: no easy choiceTheresa May heads to Brussels before Brexit talks with EUSomalia bombing: Death toll from explosion in capital Mogadishu tops 250Venezuela regional elections: Maduro's party takes most statesUN: Number of starving has increasedHaiti, the UN and the unintended effects of a peace missionCenturies-old German monastery closes its doors Could Germany soon have a Muslim holiday? Deutsche Welle

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Israeli jets ‘hit Syrian anti-aircraft battery’ after alleged attack - IDFBaghdad sends military to take control of Kirkuk from KurdsCatalonia's response on independence is not valid – Madrid ‘Cold creepiness’ - Assange on Clinton after she calls WikiLeaks ‘Russian intelligence subsidiary’Rise of the right: Austria’s election results & their implications for EuropeU.S. test fires SM-6 interceptor, practices ‘smart defense’ with allies off ScotlandFrance to deport all criminal undocumented migrants - MacronCrossTalk flagship programOp-Edge: Where'd you get those genes? The answer may shock you RT Russia Today

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China pioneers rice grown in seawater, aims to boost harvest by 20 per centCryptocurrencies are a bubble, but blockchain is the future: analystsRap star helps kick-start Google Translate’s comeback to ChinaPassengers describe terror as AirAsia flight to Bali plunges and ‘hysterical’ crew starts screamingIndia or China, who invented gunpowder? Diwali’s Hindu haze and a weird debateExotic dancer, prostitute, second-rate spy, Mata Hari’s exploits took her to Europe’s top hotelsLast brokers left standing on the floor set to turn out the lights on 126 years of Hong Kong tradingSlowly but surely, China’s carving a foothold through the ArcticChina’s richest 2,130 people have as much money as the world’s fifth-largest economyXi Jinping’s prescription for China’s biggest bond defaulterOpinion: Can China lead in AI when it seeks to control thought? South China Morning Post

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Astronomers find potential solution into how planets formLab takes detailed look at 2-D structure of turbulence in tokamaksA dietary supplement dampens the brain hyperexcitability seen in seizures or epilepsyOn the generation of solar spicules and Alfvenic wavesBaltic clams and worms release as much greenhouse gas as 20,000 dairy cowsFemale MRI scans reveal why pain tolerance goes up during female orgasm and shows brain does not turn off / MedicalXpress / TechXplore